Our Equipment

ICON by CynoSureICON by Cynosure

Icon™ is a next generation unique platform technology that offers high peak powers, state of the art cooling at the handpiece, whole sapphire tips not veneers, built in calibration and the patented skintel melanin reader system [the only FDA approved automated melanin reader in the market place] to deliver improved treatment results, safer and quicker. The Icon™ delivers high comfort levels and requires fewer treatments.

Icon™ Features

  1. The Skintel Melanin Reader. This patented revolutionary device is the only fully integrated and automated melanin reader in the market. It will read and determine your skin's melanin levels, then program the Icon settings to best match your skins unique characteristics. This allows technicians to deliver the most effective beam strength.
  2. Power. Being able to deliver a maximum effective energy over 350 joules makes Icon the most powerful optimized light aesthetic platform in existence.iiib ICON
  3. Advanced Contact Cooling™. Icon's™ advanced contact cooling system is able to maintain contact skin temperature at 5C. 5C is an optimal "point of contact" temperature to provide the best skin protection and optimum patient comfort.
  4. Full Sapphire Tips. All Icon™ hand piece tips are 100% sapphire not just sapphire veneers. Sapphire absorbs little or none of the light energy produced by the laser. Competitor machines using sapphire veneer glass tips increase substantially the risk of contact burning.
  5. Hexagonal XF™ Microlens. Hexagonal XF™ provides the ability to perform high speed non-ablative fractional resurfacing typically in one pass. This reduces treatment time and consequently discomfort.
  6. Intuitive User Interface. Icon™ intuitive user interface features allow for treatment tracking which in turn streamlines procedures.
  7. Calibration. Icon™ has unique external calibration functions which allow the machine to optimise light performance delivery.
  8. AccuSpectrum™. AccuSpectrum's dual filters minimize unnecessary epidermal exposure, enhancing client comfort.
  9. Photon Recycling™. The Icon's™ photon recycling system maximizes treatment results by reducing energy loss and providing better energy delivery confidence.
  10. Smooth Pulse™. The smooth pulse proprietary light delivery system allows, where required, for the usage and delivery of greater amounts of energy.




Picosure is the first and only picosecond FDA approved laser operating in Australia. At the time of installation our machine in late 2014, it was one of only twenty such machines in the country with the nearest comparable machine located more than 250 kilometres away.

Its pressure wave technology provides visibly clearer ink-free skin faster, safer and with improved recovery time than traditional methods across a spectrum of colours using far less energy.

The PicoSure™ uses as little as 1/10th the energy of older yag lasers making PicoSure™ much safer and at much lower risk of burning and damaging tissue.




ZimmerdeviceZimmer Medizine

Client comfort and safety are of upmost importance to us. The zimmer, [german made and designed] produces a variable cooled air stream. The cooled air reduces discomfort and inflammation, acts as a distraction during treatments and reduces the likelihood of thermal injury. The air does not affect the efficacy of treatments.