Reviews / Testimonials

The Therapeutic Goods Act 1989 (Commonwealth) [TGA] regulations and guidance specifically preclude the inducement or encouragement of the use of a “scheduled” drug other than where the drug has been prescribed by a registered practitioner (Cosmetic Doctor).

Antiwrinkle injections, dermal fillers and thread procedures involve the use of TGA scheduled goods. A treatment involving a scheduled drug and your suitability to receive a treatment, can only occur and be determined, respectively, after you have been assessed by a Cosmetic Doctor.

None of the testimonials provided below relate to procedures involving scheduled drugs.


Ms T
“I just wanted to say thanks to you both. Not only have I received amazing results with my tattoo removal but each session has been a lovely experience!”
“It's no secret my pain threshold is quite low, however, you both went above and beyond to make it as painless as possible! I highly recommend you to anyone and everyone I speak to! Thank you again Xxx”


Ms R
“Perfect! I couldn't be happier with everything. I'll definitely recommend you to everyone.”


Ms C
“Seventh Layer has bought back my confidence to go out in public without makeup. For two years I had suffered with acne on my jaw line and cheeks. I'm a beauty therapist and I have tried every skin care product available to eliminate my acne. I have gone off the pill, changed the type of pill I was taking, had my hormones checked. I had virtually given up on being able to fix my acne issue.”

“A hairdresser told me about an Aesthetic Clinic in Albury. Seventh Layer Aesthetic Clinic became my last resort. I thought I'll give it a go. I started off with the Jan Marini Bioglycolic Cleanser and Sunscreen and two treatments which gave amazing and immediate results! I undertook the skin care routine prescribed to me by Trish. I started to see results immediately. 12 months on my skin is amazing and I'm comfortable without makeup in public. Jan Marini has been and continues to be my saviour!”


Ms P
“This is a wonderful new clinic, with really great people, comfortable and lovely rooms and great new products. I love it. Definitely worth a try.”
“I feel very refreshed and happy. Thanks.”


Ms B
“Always professional and caring! Procedures are thoroughly explained and performed to the highest standard. Patient care is exceptional. Highly recommend for injectables!”
“Seventh Layer Aesthetic Clinic, reply. Thank you Ms B. It is great to get this sort of feedback from a peer who has extensive Aesthetic training and who has managed a large and successful cosmetic / aesthetic clinic.”


Ms N
“I had a very noticeable sunspot on my face and wanted to do something about it. Seventh Layer Aesthetic Clinic was recommended to me.”
“I would not hesitate to recommend this clinic to anyone. Trish is a very professional, friendly, kind and a very caring person. She makes you feel very relaxed and comfortable during the treatment. Dr Woo Tan is also excellent. The Staff offer excellent customer service and are there to please you. I am extremely happy with the service I received.”


Ms A
“I recently had a facial at the clinic. The Jan Marini products are exceptional. Within a few days my skin was glowing. Book in for a facial and give it a go. I can guarantee you'll be impressed.”


Ms K
“I am so glad I found Seventh Layer.”

“Trish does an amazing job. Her approach is thorough and friendly. The hair removal service is like no other in Albury; trust me I've tried them all! My advice is, don't waste your time or money with traditional hair removal treatments or going to a substandard clinic!”


Ms A
“WOW. I got a tattoo (that I love) some months ago but unfortunately the artist went a little too deep and ink leaked into the surrounding tissue. This resulted in, what looked like very dark bruising around and through the tattoo.”
“I was put in touch with Trish. Trish is incredibly passionate and professional, with a wealth of knowledge about the equipment, procedures, limitations and possibilities.”
“Whilst having the PicoSure Laser removal procedure, I could immediately see the unwanted ink disappearing as though a magic marker were gliding over it. My tattoo now looks amazing, exactly like I had initially designed. I cannot state how impressive the technology they are working with is, it is really is market leader.”
“Trish is doing this because she is passionate about helping people realise their desires, as is evident by the bill which was a fraction of what I had estimated it to be! All preconceptions of laser removal have been smashed to pieces. It's relatively painless, quick, effective and affordable!”
“Having chatted extensively about the other services they offer I would put my complete confidence in their ability to get the job done to the highest possible standard. Thanks guys, I couldn't think of an area for improvement. 10/10.”


Ms K
“I have to share with everyone, a HUGE thank you to Trish Clifford.”
“Thanks to your professionalism and outstanding equipment after only three treatments I no longer have underarm hair. The treatments have been quick, easy, painless and very affordable. Yipee!”
“Seventh Layer is the only place I would go to for an aesthetic laser treatment.  With Trish and Dr Tan you are in great hands.  You get exactly what you asked and paid for, that is, long lasting results from quality treatments.”
“Seventh Layer is the only place I and my beauty therapist recommend to our clients.”

“Seventh Layer Aesthetic Clinic, reply. Thank you Ms K. As you know, we are endeavouring to provide services and product offerings as good as or comparable to the best Aesthetic clinics in Sydney and Melbourne. Your comments are particularly pleasing to us, because, we know in your business you see the results of treatments performed by other clinics here on the border and from the capital cities.”


Ms L

“Trish and Dr Woo are the most caring and professional people I have ever met. The follow up was very thorough and re-assuring. I whole heartedly recommend this procedure and clinic to everyone, female or male. I happily provided this reference. I am amazed at the difference this treatment has made to my life; I feeling beautiful again.”

“Contact Trish now.”


Ms T

“Trish and Seventh Layer Clinic are amazing. I have tried a number of other Clinics ..... the results they achieved for me were poor. Then I found Trish and Seventh Layer. The results achieved by Seventh Layer have been truly amazing / exceptional and the care Trish shows ..... has been above and beyond my expectations. I am grateful that I have found Trish and I highly recommend her and the Clinic.”

“Trish, thank you so much for all your help; I truly am grateful for everything you have been able to achieve for me.”