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About Us


Our Philosophy

Seventh Layer Aesthetic Clinic was born out of a desire by its Directors Dr Woo Tan and Tricia (aka Trish) Clifford RN to bring the best available treatments and equipment available in the world to the border. A completely selfish decision based around providing not only their clients but themselves, with direct and easy access to the best available technologies / treatments, medicine could offer, in their home city, Albury. Both have had a long and strong interest in aesthetic technology, equipment, treatments and developments. Bringing their interests into their work lives has been both a compulsion along with being at its core, emotionally rewarding.

The Australian cosmetic industry (as we see it) now has three distinct sub categories.

  1. Pop up corporate Australian wide shopping mall cosmetic shops whose strategy are modelled on promotions using high levels of marketing input and relying just as heavily on discounted prices for business. These businesses are supported by Doctors and Nurses who fly in and out to service the medical side of the business and consequently have a questionable connection to either the client or the community.
  2. Traveling registered nurses who operate out of beauty salons. The beauty salons produce clients and the nurse pays a rent. Prescriptions are provided by a doctor (or in some cases a dentist) who may be independent to the nurse or not and who may or may not have cosmetic experience. We question the avenues of support, medically (by a doctor in the event of an issue) and financially the commitment to the community (that is the frequency and or continuity of visits).
  3. Pure medically based clinics who operate under a full trained cosmetic doctor who sets all protocols and is imminently involved in all treatments and with all clients. The foundations of these clinics are cosmetically trained registered nurses who are experienced, motivated and monitored and supervised by the cosmetic doctor. The clinics are scientific, as opposed to emotive, in their approach. They are purely outcome driven. Their principal concerns are safety, speed of results, support of clients and efficacy. Some if not most of these businesses operate remote clinics but do so under the same conditions as their base site.

We fit into this last category. We pride ourselves on our service and providing the best available treatments, safely and economically, with the best possible efficacy and outcomes for our clients.


This will sound counterintuitive. We are strictly precluded (by law and by medical ethical guidelines) from providing any testimonials for any treatments involving scheduled drugs and also any treatment provided in our premises that comes under the supervision of our Cosmetic Doctor. The legislative and ethical logic behind this is; testimonials could appear to be an inducement that is not based solely on scientifically proven medical grounds of a “need” for and a “benefit” from, the proposed treatment.

We encourage all clients (present, past and future) to research treatments thoroughly though all avenues available to them, prior to committing to a treatment including speaking widely to individuals working in medical fields, friends, family and acquaintances.


Our Staff

Selection, appointment and retention of staff to the business is one of our key strengths and the basis for providing superior treatment outcomes, safely.

Dr Woo Tan / Tricia (aka Trish) Clifford RN
Perri Ball RN / Amy Roberts RN / Katelyn (aka Kate) Grantham RN / Elena West B.HSc ASDC / Holly Clemesha EN, Dip BT, DTh

Dr Woo Tan

Dr Woo Tan

BSc (Medicine) MBBS (UNSW) FRACGP Diploma of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM)

Dr Woo Tan completed his medical degree at UNSW in 2005. He has more than 10 years experience as a doctor. Prior to pursuing a career in Aesthetics, Dr Tan worked as a Specialist Physician trainee with the Royal Australian College of Physicians at St George Hospital Sydney and then a period of more than eight years in General Practice.

His early Aesthetic training was performed under the guidance of world renowned and well published Italian Aesthetic Physician Professor Allesio Radealli. He has worked as a Physician for one of Australia's leading aesthetic clinics. Dr Woo Tan holds a Diploma in Aesthetic Medicine from the America Academy of Aesthetic Medicine and has and continues to undertake training in the latest aesthetic advancements here in Australia and throughout the world.

Dr Woo Tan combines his personal experiences with an extensive understanding of research and ongoing training to deliver the most advanced treatments using the latest technologies and procedures.
Tricia (aka Trish) Clifford

Tricia (aka Trish) Clifford


Trish is a qualified and successful registered nurse with extensive experience in cosmetic, critical care, general and vascular nursing. Trish has worked in a number of Australia's and England's more significant specialist and teaching hospitals, over a period spanning nearly two decades, including the Royal Brisbane Hospital Intensive Care ward. She is viewed as a knowledgeable, reliable and resourceful person with a positive and caring attitude.

She has extensive expertise in the use of a wide variety of medical equipment, particularly specific Cynosure based modular operating IPL / Laser platforms. Trish has ensured she keeps up to date with the latest skin and laser techniques and procedures by attending numerous aesthetic conferences and advanced laser training at Australia’s major centres.

Trish was one of the first clinicians in Australia to use the PicoSureTM laser technology for tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation. Her expertise in this field is extensive and she is considered the ‘laser guru of not only the Border but also the greater Victorian / NSW country region’.

  • Bachelor of Nursing, Australian Catholic University, 1996
  • General Nursing Certificate, Royal Brisbane Hospital, 1990
Perri Ball

Perri Ball


Perri is an experienced registered nurse who is known for her thoroughness, compassion and care. She developed an interest in skin treatments after seeking assistance with her own skin. The changes in skin tone and texture she experienced from the treatments she undertook significantly increased her general confidence and outlook.

For the past five years Perri’s passion has been to bring clients the most up to date medically proven skincare regimes and treatment options available in the market in the most effective and professional manner possible. To do this she has undertaken extensive cosmetic training and studies.

  • Bachelor of Nursing (LaTrobe University) 2005
  • Graduate Certificate in Clinical Nursing Perioperative (ACU) 2009
  • Vocational Graduate Certificate in Cosmetic Nursing (AACDs) 2014
Amy Roberts

Amy Roberts


Amy is a country girl. She commenced her career in critical care and high acuity units where accuracy, attention to detail and precision in treatment are essential. Throughout her nurse training and working career she has had an interest in skin research and treatment options (medical).

While working full time she undertook cosmetic training with the Australian Academy of Cosmetic Dermal Science and also Allergan’s well respected “Anti-Wrinkle and Dermal Filler” training course. She commenced cosmetic employment in IPL hair reduction, chemical peels and skin needling, later broadened her field of services with IPL pigmentation, vascular removal and acne treatments and more recently has moved into providing anti-wrinkle and filler treatments.

  • Bachelor of Nursing (LaTrobe University) 2013
  • Diploma of Cosmetic Nursing (AACDs) 2016
Katelyn (aka Kate) Grantham

Katelyn (aka Kate) Grantham


Kate started her nursing career working in a range of acute and sub-acute wards at the Austin (University / training) Hospital, Heidelberg. She enjoys the precision and regimented structure of medicine, the research and then the conversion of research into everyday medical protocols.

She has had a long-standing interest in skin and skin treatments available to repair damage due to exposure to the sun, elements and from aging. She has completed a post graduate diploma in Cosmetic Nursing with AACD’s while also training at some of Australia’s best known aesthetic clinics.

  • Bachelor of Nursing (LaTrobe University) 2014
  • Diploma of Cosmetic Nursing (AACDs) 2017
Elena West

Elena West


Elena has completed a Bachelor of Health Science Biomedicine majoring in Dermal Science (the science of skin) with Victoria University. After university she has consistently advanced her studies through attendance of industry research conferences, inhouse training and gained membership to the Australian Society of Dermal Clinicians (ASDC).

Elena has a wide range of knowledge and extensive hands on experience gain through aesthetics industry employment for the past ten (10) years in leading aesthetic clinics, initially, in Melbourne and more recently here in Albury. Her experience includes time working with Dr Bryan Mendelson (Melbourne) world-renowned Plastic and Facial Cosmetic Surgeon and Dr. Ian Holten (Geelong) a Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon.

Her speciality fields and interests include problematic skin conditions and their treatment, for example, pigmentation and vascular disorders, rosacea, skin research and oncology, and cosmetic chemistry.

Her accomplishments allow her to integrate her knowledge with other health care professionals to ensure the highest possible outcomes for her clients in a holistic setting on an approach that is completely “evidence” based.

Brianna Coulston

Brianna Coulston


Brianna is an experienced Registered Nurse who started her career working in a range of acute wards, principally, post-surgery (plastic, ear nose and throat, vascular). This ignited an interest in the medical science behind elective surgery used to cosmetically correct or enhance the face and or body. An interest which quickly transitioned into the undertaking of further medical studies (cosmetic) and advanced training in non-surgical cosmetic treatments. Non-surgical cosmetic treatment options that offer significant cosmetic improvements, at a fraction of the surgical option costs, not to mention, with much less discomfort.

She has successfully completed the industry leading “facecoach live TM” dermal filler and anti-wrinkle injection course under the instruction of coaches Professor Greg Goodman and Michael Clague. She maintains a keen interest in continuing her evidenced based technique learnings and she prides herself on constant technique improvement, for the benefit of her patients.

  • Bachelor of Nursing (Deakin University) 2017
  • Certificate in Dermal Fillers and Ischemic Events facecoach live TM
  • Certificate in Anti-wrinkle & Dermal Fillers facecoach live TM
Ella Robinson

Ella Robinson

Ella graduated from Latrobe University Wodonga with a Bachelor of Nursing in 2020. Prior to becoming an RN she had attained registration and worked as an EN in perioperative theatre operations.

Ella has always had and expressed an interest in cosmetic nursing. She has a keen aesthetic eye and her focus is on achieving the best possible natural looking results to enable clients to look fresh and feel confident. Ella has successfully completed the industry leading “Facecoach Live TM” dermal filler and anti-wrinkle injection course, along with all in house training and adherence to continual education professional obligations. She believes deeply in evidence based practice and the provision of the highest quality of care.

  • Diploma of Nursing (Wodonga TAFE) 2018 
  • Bachelor of Nursing (Latrobe) 2020 
  • Certificate in Dermal Fillers and Ischemic Events Facecoach Live TM 
  • Certificate in Anti-wrinkle & Dermal Fillers Facecoach Live TM


Our Equipment

Our selection of equipment criteria focuses on safety first and foremost, then on technologies that have medically been proven to optimise client outcomes and lastly, on cost.



(IPL, OPL & Laser Platform)

ICON™ is a next generation proprietary unique platform technology that offers;

  1. Consistent high peak power;
  2. State of the art cooling at the handpiece and in the base unit;
  3. Whole sapphire tips not veneers;
  4. Built in calibration; and
  5. the world’s only automated blue tooth compatible patented melanin reader, “Skintel”. Skintel is still the only FDA approved automated melanin reader in the market place. It delivers safer and more effective treatment results.

Combined the ICON’s™ features safely deliver exceptional comfort levels, at the highest possible treatment levels, so that the patient requires the least number of treatments.

ICON™ features.

  1. The Skintel Melanin Reader. This patented revolutionary device is still the only fully integrated and automated melanin reader in the market. It will read and determine your skin's melanin levels, then program the ICON™ settings to the most appropriate and effective settings to match your skins unique characteristics. This allows technicians to deliver the most effective treatment in the shortest period of time, safely.
  2. Power. Being able to deliver a maximum effective energy of over 350 joules makes ICON™ the most powerful optimized light aesthetic platform in existence. Generally, the greater the power available the better and quicker the results achieved.
  3. Advanced Contact Cooling™. ICON's™ advanced contact cooling system is able to maintain contact skin temperature at 5C. 5C is an optimal "point of contact" temperature to provide the best skin protection and optimum patient comfort.
  4. Full Sapphire Tips. All ICON™ hand piece tips are 100% sapphire not sapphire veneers or glass. Sapphire absorbs little or none of the light energy produced and passing through the hand piece. In contrast, competitor machines using sapphire veneer glass or glass tips, increase substantially the risk of tip heating and contact burning.
  5. Hexagonal XF™ Microlens. Hexagonal XF™ provides the ability to perform high speed non-ablative fractional resurfacing typically in one pass. This reduces treatment time and consequently discomfort.
  6. Intuitive User Interface. Icon™ intuitive user interface features allow for individual treatment by patient tracking. This in turn streamlines procedures and reduces the risk of operator machine setting error.
  7. Calibration. ICON™ has unique external calibration functions which continually monitor and adjust to allow the machine to optimise light / laser performance delivery.
  8. AccuSpectrum™. AccuSpectrum's dual filters minimize unnecessary epidermal exposure, enhancing client comfort.
  9. Photon Recycling™. The ICON's™ photon recycling system maximizes treatment results by reducing energy loss and providing better energy delivery confidence. Allows you to confidently get light to the point you want it at the exact specifications you set, increasing certainty, safety and reducing re-treatment requirements.
  10. Smooth Pulse™. The smooth pulse proprietary light delivery system allows, where required, for the usage and delivery of greater amounts of energy. Additional flexibility in the delivery of treatments to exact patient optimal requirements.



(Picosecond Laser)

Picosure® was the first picosecond FDA approved laser operating in the world and Australia. Our PicoSure® is the only picosecond machine in the Albury / Wodonga region and the only one within 250 kilometres.

PicoSure® is described by the manufacturer as not only “the world’s first and fastest” but also the “most effective picosecond aesthetic laser” in the market place. At the time of its launch in 2012 it was heralded as an “unparalleled breakthrough in laser technology”.


  1. Is able to deliver ultra-short pulse bursts of energy in the form of laser to the skin without the use or outcome of heat. Each burst is a trillionth of a second. The bursts produce a mechanical pressure wave that smashes ink into ink dust like particles. The body then is able to remove the ink dust like particles, naturally and efficiently. This provides visibly clearer ink-free skin faster.
  2. The photo mechanical delivery mechanism targets ink and leaves surround skin tissue unaffected. It is in short, safer and has a shorter and improved recovery time when compared to traditional methods (Q switch, Nd-yag lasers etc) across a spectrum of colours.
  3. The PicoSure® uses as little as 1/10th the energy of older nd-yag lasers. Nd-yag lasers rely on photo thermal (a heating of the ink) to induce the bodies healing systems into removing ink. This thermal mechanism brings into play the risk of burning. The mechanics of and the energy emitted by, PicoSure®, both and in combination make for a much safer platform when compared to non picosecond lasers.
  4. A picosecond pulse width is 100 times shorter than nanosecond technology, enabling unmatched photomechanical impact for better clearance with fewer treatments and less fluence.
  5. Adjustable pressure through the “boost” function amplifies PicoSure®’s PressureWave™ to levels not before possible. Magnifying pressure up to 70% and shortening pulse widths to 550ps. It greatly expands the clinican’s treatment options. Boost is ideal for recalcitrant tattoos. It intensifies the pressure wave increasing the shattering of ink into particles allowing for faster and or optimising of treatment, results.



High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Pulses aka HIFE

  1. Emsculpt allows us for the first time, to target deep muscle stimulation as a method of increasing muscle mass and as a natural side effect of intense muscle stimulation, targeted natural reduction of corresponding fat deposits. Prior to this type of technology medical body contouring involved surgical or non-surgical removal of fat. HIFE allows you to focus on both muscle improvement and also fat reduction at roughly the same rates. It works on both fat reduction and increasing muscle mass, not just on fat removal.

  2. The machine and its technology are FDA approved.  Currently, it is the only HIFE machine available in Australia that holds FDA approval. The medical studies conducted show the Emsculpt to be both effective (proven to work to increase muscle mass and reduce fat stores) and safe. Peer reviews have been conducted using different measuring techniques including magnetic resonance imaging MRI, cat scan CT, traditional measurement techniques and ultra sound.  Over the study period fat was reduced by on average 20%, there was a 15% increase in muscle mass (size not weight) and a 10% improvement in diastasis recti.

  3. Emsculpt is produced by BTL Medical Australia Pty Ltd a subsidiary of a UK listed business which has its manufacturing and research situated Europe. The Emsculpt and BTL’s manufacturing plants are set up to meet both European and US medical standards.


Zimmer Medizine

Client comfort and safety are of upmost importance to us. The zimmer, (german made and designed) produces a constant (dialled up) variable cooled air stream. The cooled air reduces discomfort and inflammation, acts as a distraction during treatments and reduces the likelihood of thermal injury while not affecting the efficacy of treatments. Its only available (on the border) at Seventh Layer Aesthetic Clinic.



Bio-Penta® is a complete skincare system that offers light, microcurrent, exfoliation, microdermabrasion, cleansing and product application from the one platform. The platform provides a combination of simple, functional, effective and efficient skincare functions at a level that is current best practice. The ultra-hydrating and deep cleansing fluids combined with the diamond exfoliation technology (a form of microdermabrasion) delivers a smooth, youthful, hydrated and clear, post procedure, complexion.

The system includes:

  1. Microsonic cleansing using a silver ion infused silicone based cleansing brush. The silver ions have anti-bacterial properties.
  2. Hydrodermabrasion: a water pressure based form of microdermabrasion that is used in conjunction with diamond coated abrasive discs. The two modalities used together provide non-invasive but effective exfoliation.
  3. LED lamp. A dual colour and combination light emitting diode (LED) lamp. The lamp emits light a) 640nm (red light) which addresses anti-ageing and skin health; b) 470nm (blue light) which is effective for problematic skin types; and c) light across both spectrums for a combination of effects provided by the red and blue spectrums.
  4. Microcurrent and ultrasound hand pieces that assist in the penetration of formulations applied to the skin.

Metis Skin Analyser

The Metis Skin Analyser is a technology based skin analysis device that accurately grades skin characteristics eliminating user subjectivity. The technology allows depth visualisation and provides estimated future skin representations. Grading of the skin allows detection and accurate classification of skin hydration, pigmentation, scarring, epidermis thickness, tone, wrinkles, pores, acne, aging skin (through photo-aging), blood capillaries and sensitivity. As an analytical tool it allows the measurement of treatment results while wholly excluding clinician subjectivity.


Dermapen 4

Dermapen was the world’s first and remains the worlds favourite automated micro needling platform. Dermapen 4 (fourth generation) adds a digital operating system and bluetooth based functions to Dermapen’s list of world firsts. The new operating system provides better customisation of treatment, greater flexibility and increased safety than previous models. For clients this equates to less trauma but the best possible outcomes / results.


Our Premises

It's important to us to operate from premises that reflect well and consistently with our aspirations and the standards we set for ourselves and our business. For safety and convenience, it’s also important that our premises be within a medical precinct that allows our clients quick access to other associated medical services e.g. skin cancer clinic.

The Gardens Medical Centre allows us to satisfy both of these requirements. It is the premium medical complex of the Albury / Wodonga region. We are located on the sixth floor (top level) with sweeping views of the city and the regions beautiful landscapes.

The Gardens Medical Centre is located at 470 Wodonga Place, Albury opposite to the botanical gardens. Our rooms are located on the sixth (6th) level on the north eastern corner. Turn right out of the elevator and head to the joint reception desk (Seventh Layer / Skin Cancer Clinic / Specialists / Gynaecology). Follow the directions to our waiting room i.e. turn left down the corridor and follow it to the end. Our waiting room consists of one small table and a small number of chairs. Light refreshments and sweats are provided. Parking is available in the building basement, externally on building level 1 and on street. At the peak times the car parks are at a premium.






For an appointment please call 02 6058 6162.