These terms and conditions should be read in conjunction with Australian Consumer laws. At law we are unable to limit, restrict, alter or amend any right you have under state or federal statute. If there is a conflict between these terms and conditions and statute, the term / condition in question will be reduced in operation so as to allow the statute precedent.

Consultation Fees

A consultation fee is charged on all consultations other than for Tattoo and Hair Removal. The general consultation charge is $100 (inclusive of GST).
This fee may change from time to time at the business’s discretion without prior notice and is payable in full at the time of the consultation or immediately prior to the consultation if required by us by card or cash.
All consultation fees are redeemable in full or part against treatments undertaken by clients within three months of the consultation appointment date. Unused portions are able to be carried forward until the three months period expires.
Consultation fees are not transferable or refundable.
We reserve the right, for administration ease or otherwise, to request upfront payment of the consultation fee in full prior to commencing of a consultation.

Treatment and Product Purchase Fees and Charges

We won’t commence any treatment or hand over product until we have fully explained the costs involved. Immediately on completing the procedure and or on handing over products we will expect and require payment in full by credit card, debit card or in cash. We don’t accept cheques and we are unable by law to do payment plans including but not limited to “afterpay” etc. We are able to accept cleared funds to our bank account but only where the funds are transferred prior to the treatment commencement.
Title of goods does not transfer until payment for the goods is received in full.
We reserve the right, for administration ease or otherwise, to request up front payment prior to commencing of any treatment / provision of any goods.
Runners and or refusal to pay in part or full, at our discretion, may be referred to the relevant authority without further notice or warning.

Late Cancellation

Our business, rents rooms from the Gardens Medical Centre. We don’t overbook our diaries to compensate for the likelihood of or probability for “no shows”. If your details (mobile phone number) in our system are accurate and up to date you will receive an appointment confirmation reminder 48 hours prior to your appointment.
While we understand circumstances can and do change quickly and unexpectantly, we reserve the right, in cases;

    1. Of a “no show” where you have indicating by reply sms you will be attending your appointment;
    2. For clients who habitually book appointments only then to cancel them with little or no warning (i.e. at the last minute);
    3. Where incorrect details are provided to the clinic preventing us from contacting you;
    4. Where a client routinely does not reply to our sms appointment confirmation requests; and or
    5. Other circumstances which we deem warrant the use of this clause;

to request a $50 non-redeemable booking fee on placement of each and every current and future appointment. This deposit will be both non refundable and non transferable in the case that there is a no show or a further request to move the appointment.


Within the limits of the undertakings given to clients and subject to the pre and post photos we take, we warrant, as best we are able to given the known medical treatment outcome variations, for all treatments performed, that they will occur as we have indicated, at the consultation.
This undertaking is provided on the understanding the client has been completely honest and accurate in providing their medical history, that they have followed (to the word) all of the pre and post treatment advice and instructions provided by us and that the client has not altered or adjusted the advised treatment quantities.
This undertaking is also subject to the clinics philosophy of being conservative in our treatment suggestions and the understanding that treatment reviews are free (excluding additional product / additional treatments, purchased and performed, respectively) and it is better to slightly under prescribe than over prescribe and potentially waste a client’s money.

Returns / Refunds

(Only relevant to goods sold)
We warrant that all goods sold are in date, not damaged, of merchantable quality and fit for purpose. Where the goods supplied do not meet this standard, we will supply goods that do for no additional charge or provide a full refund, at our sole discretion.

Consent / Medical History Forms

No consultation or procedure will occur until the business is in receipt of appropriately signed, unaltered and unamended, “medical history” and “consent” forms.
It is the sole responsibility of the patient to completely and accurately complete these forms, to ask questions of our Cosmetic Doctor and to highlight unusual or relevant medical matters to our Cosmetic Doctor on the forms and or potentially not covered or drawn out by questions on either of these documents.


Our clinic is regarded as a medical facility and covered not only by the Privacy Act but all the rules and regulations governing privacy under the relevant medical Acts and provisions State and Commonwealth.
We take your privacy seriously. Our consent form provides our business with the right to publish your photos (altered so your identity can not be determined) in promotional material. If you don’t wish for this to occur please ensure you notify us in the consent form or directly to our clinic Nurse Director Tricia (aka Trish) on her mobile 0407 586 731.


Our staff operate appointment diaries. Clients are able to book appointments by calling our rooms phone 02 6058 6162 and speaking to our receptionist, contacting our after hours number 0407 586 731, by contacting us through social media or e-mail or by contacting either of our Directors or any of our Staff / Contractors directly.
We reserve the right, at our complete discretion, to move appointments to other days or times and or to cancel or refuse a booking without prior notice or explanation.
Not all machines and therefore corresponding treatments are operating all the time. We require all bookings to be made with details of the treatment to be performed. If you book through the reception and don’t record the correct treatment details there is a chance that your appointment will need to be moved causing you to be inadvertently and unintentionally inconvenienced. If you are in doubt, make your booking directly through staff / contractors or contact our Nurse Director Tricia (aka Trish) on her mobile 0407 586 731.
We undertake not to do anyone of these things or exercise this power without thorough review of all the options and consideration of all the relevant matters.

Therapeutics Goods Act / Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Act / APHRA

Our clinic prides itself on complying rigidly to all relevant legislation state and federal including but not limited to the Therapeutics Goods Act, Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances Act, APHRA guidelines, rules and regulations.

Afterpay / Payment Arrangements

Medico ethical guidelines see all post treatment payment arrangements including “Afterpay” and equivalents, potentially as schemes that could be inducing individuals to enter into arrangements that may place them into indebtitude. For this reason, we are specifically prohibited from offering payment arrangements including but not limited to “afterpay”.

Anti-Social Behaviours

We are a medical clinic whose goal is to assist people improve their appearance and therefore their self-confidence. It is completely counterproductive to this goal for any of our staff to be subjected, in our opinion, to abusive, stalking, violent, threatening, intimidating and or anti-social behaviour.
Any instances of client behaviour which breaches this policy, in our opinion and at our complete discretion, risks cancellation of all appointments, loss or return of unused prepaid package / gift voucher amounts and referral to the relevant authority without further notice, warning or explanation.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are issued on the following terms;

    1. Regardless of the terms stated on the voucher (due to recent Australian law amendments) all vouchers are now valid for three (3) years from the date of purchase.
    2. They are not transferable except with our expressed written consent.
    3. Given that many / most gift vouchers are issued at a discount; all gift vouchers can not be used in conjunction with existing or future promotions.
    4. You are entitled to spread your gift voucher over one or more treatments for a period up to three years from date of issue.
    5. We don’t provide cash refunds for unused, partially unused gift vouchers.
    6. In the event that your voucher is lost please contact our Nurse Director Tricia (aka Trish). After a waiting period and subject to a small administration fee (levied or not at our discretion), provided we can confirm the voucher has not been presented previously by the holder or other party, we will re-issue the voucher.


Packages purchased and paid for are issued on the following terms;

    1. They are not transferable except with our expressed written consent. We allow transfer to family members and to other treatments, in most circumstances (conditions apply).
    2. The package expires after three (3) years from purchase. If you need additional time to make use of the package contact our Nurse Director Tricia (aka Trish) on 0407 586 731.
    3. We don’t provide cash refunds for unused, partially unused packages. In the event that further treatment for medical reasons cannot occur or you wish to discontinue future scheduled treatments, we allow the remaining unused package price to be transferred for other treatments.
    4. Details of all packages purchased are maintained on your record held by our clinic. You don’t need to quote or bring your receipt to appointments. To book an appointment contact our reception (please indicate the treatment is part of a paid package) or the staff member doing your procedure directly.


We don’t permit the joining or accumulation of promotions. You are entitled to the promotion that provides the greater benefit. Where you prepaid for a treatment promotion and that treatment promotion is superseded by a better promotion prior to you starting any treatment(s), you have the option to either;

    1. continue with the treatment as originally planned, or
    2. purchase the new “better” promotion and transfer the “prepaid” treatment to other treatments.