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Designed by Scientists & Doctors, not Marketing.

The Jan Marini is a medically validated skin care range that is proven to successfully intervene in the inflammatory process deep within the epidermis and dermis to slow, stop or reverse the factors that contribute to the most common skin concerns.

The range is based on research carried out by leading USA medical dermatology institutes then formulated by world renowned experts in the field of topical medicines. The result is a medical as opposed to a “retail” / “marketing” based solution.

Most important to our clients is the speed at which the products improve skin tone and texture whilst also addressing underlying skin issues. Skin quickly feels healthier, softer, gains more even tone, becomes clearer and looks brighter. With continual use, stubborn and hard to manage skin conditions that are primarily inflammatory in nature such as melasma, rosacea, generalised pigmentation and acne are noticeably improved.

Jan Marini is a regular winner of “Best Skin Care” awards here in Australia and overseas. It is growing in popularity not due to the awards or marketing but because of the clinical results and application simplicity.

All ingredients are sourced from US manufacturers who supply accredited research facilities, pharmaceutical companies and laboratories. This provides Jan Maini instant and complete regulator clearance for all products.

We supply Jan Marini under licence from Jan Marini Australia. All products are prescribed under doctor supervision and licence, solely. Products are prescribed after a full skin examination by experienced medical staff. All home regimes are fully and thoroughly explained.



Skin Care
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