• Treads



The closest thing to plastic surgery; Just without surgery or downtime.

Providing support and returning structure and shape.

Over time our facial tissue loses form, structure and strength. Gravity and environmental factors slowly affect all facial structures. Eyes become impeded by drooping skin, jowls appear where no jowls existed before. It’s a normal and inevitable part of ageing that is exasperated by factors like your genes, heritage, smoking, sun exposure, profession, lifestyle, weight etc.

Traditionally to re-shape the face to create a more youthful appearance your only option would have been plastic surgery. Surgery, essentially, to remove excess skin and tissue and sutures to pull the face back into a more youthful shape.

All surgery carries risks, is costly and involve significant downtime. The thread face lift offers a much cheaper, less invasive and semi-permanent alternative. Each thread is a single bio-degradable suture with bi-directional cones. The opposing cones each only allow movement in one but also opposite direction. This allows the pulling closer of two points. Tissue that has saged and stretched is able to be reduced in overal length. While you watch our Cosmetic Doctor will pull the tissue structures back to or as near their original position. The cones then hold the tissue in that position. The thread then acts like youthful tissue holding adjacent tissue structures in place. The maximium lifting capacity of each thread is approximately one centimetre. Each treatment delivers a subtle but refreshed and natural result.

We exclusively use threads manufactured in the world’s leading cosmetic centres. The threads are the culmination of years of development, are FDA approved and represent world leading, tried and tested, ‘art suspension suture’ technology. The technology has undergone extensive testing and been used extensively globally.


“The administering of Schedule 4 medicines used in thread procedures is governed by the Drugs, Poisons, Controlled Substances and Therapeutic Goods Acts. Comments made need to be read on the understanding that a consultation with a cosmetic physician and the assessment of need is the basis for all treatments. It is illegal for us to mention brands and or to induce participation on any basis other than those medically proven to extend benefit to the patient.”

Advantages / Disadvantages of Threads


  1. Speed
    Each procedure (a pair of threads) takes around one hour. Included in this hour is the insertion of the two threads, adjustment and completion of the procedure. There are only a few, simple pre-procedure requirements.

  2. Local Anaesthetic vs General Anaesthetic
    There is no pre-procedure fasting. Local anaesthetic is required at the thread needle entry and exit points, only. The needle and thread is navigated through tissue at a level where no nerves exist so the procedure is not pleasurable but quite tolerable.

  3. Minimally Invasive
    Threading is significantly less invasive than plastic surgery. The procedure is performed through a number of needle holes and the threads are moved, painlessly, into position via an ultra-fine cannula (needle). There are no scalpels, no cutting, limited or no swelling, limited bleeding and bruising. You walk away from a thread procedure with a few small reminders of the treatment which dissipate completely over a few days. People will instantly notice a difference to the shape and form of your face.

  4. No Visible Scars
    Unlike the cutting and stitching involved in surgery, threads enter through one needle point are tightened from a second needle point and the remainder of the process is conducted deep under the skin within the tissue mass. No stitches are required and no sutures used.

  5. Flexibility
    With threads you decide on the extent of your treatment from minor adjustment to a more significant enhancement. You will witness the outcomes of the procedure at points and you are able to determine the extent of change you prefer (within limits). Once the threads are in place slight adjustments can be made as many times as you require until the patient’s exact outcome is achieved or the maximum effect of the technology is met. Nb, the thread cones are only able to be moved in one direction; you can tighten the thread but once tightened you cannot loosen it.

  6. Quick Recovery
    The recovery time is minimal. The procedure in performed in our rooms and no hospitalisation or general anaesthesia are required. You are able to drive home after your procedure. Your social life can continue with little or no disruption, post procedure.

  7. Stimulation of Collagen
    We use threads that are impregnated with compounds that stimulate the regeneration of lost collagen. The generated collagen in turn helps you re-capture youthful definition and restore volume. These compounds are directly absorbed by targeted tissue without having to navigate through the skin and or the liver system.



  1. No Removal of Excess Structures
    Because there is no cutting, there is no removal of excess skin or tissue. Threads move and hold rather than cut, remove and re-join. Excess tissue you have before the procedure you will still have after the procedure is completely.

  2. Limitations
    Threads work on joining or linking and holding adjacent structures closer to their original place. They require a good anchor point. It has limitations as to the support it can provide and the areas that can be treated.

  3. Dissolvable
    The threads are made from dissolvable sutures which last between eighteen (18) and twenty four (24) months. As a consequence the procedure is not permanent and will need to be repeated. Because the threads are made from polylatic acid (also referred to as collagen), they will stimulate natural collagen production in the surrounding skin particularly in the sites around each cone. The produced collagen will in turn reduce tissue sagging.



  1. Q. What conditions can it treat?
    A. It can be used to move any facial tissue structure that has sagged lost structure and or strength. Most commonly it is used and best at treating;
         a. Sagging jowls and minimising nasolabial folds;
         b. Re-shaping the jaw line;
         c. Pulling back excess neck skin (under the chin);
         d. Eye brow lifts; and
         e. Re-shaping the eye (particularly for people of Asian ethnic background).

  2. Q. Who is a good candidate for thread face lift?
    A. The ideal “thread” candidate is female, aged between, 50 and 65 years of age, is not a smoker, does not have substantial skin damage (sun or scaring) or excessively loose skin and is of good health.

  3. Q. What is the cost?
    A. Our cost philosophy is to provide affordability and value in all the cosmetic treatments offered by our clinic. We believe all treatments should be affordable to all and our prices should reflect value and general market conditions. That said, this is a medical procedure using controlled substances and not cheap. We operate and focus only on determining whether there is a “need” and “benefit” for and from, respectively, this treatment. Once these criteria have been satisfied our focus turns to the safe treatment and post treatment support of clients using the best available protocols and most experienced staff. We leave all cost determinations to our clients.

    Nb we are a conservative, principled, medical run and operated professional clinic that takes client and legal obligations and responsibilities seriously. The medications in question are covered by the rules and regulations of the “Drug, Poisons and Control Substances” and “Therapeutic Goods” Acts. Heavy penalties apply for misuse of these substances. If used inappropriately or in untrained hands threads can result in “life changing” consequences for the patient. It is illegal to induce any treatment on the basis of price! No treatment will occur unless and until we have established on medical grounds both a “need” and “benefit” for the patient from the treatment. It is on this basis that we refrain completely from discussing costs directly in open forums like this. Consultation with our Cosmetic Doctor carries a fee of $100, however this fee is completely redeemable off any treatment carried out after consultation (straight away and or up to three months from the date of the consultation).