Tattoo Removal


Whether it's time to wipe the skin clean of an old tattoo so you can replace it with something new or you need to modify your appearance to improve your job or love prospects, we can help.

Using the latest technology PicoSure™ we are able to quickly and safely remove tattoo's without harming surrounding tissue. Our equipment PicoSure™ is the first picosecond and FDA approved laser operating in Australia.

As opposed to older technology nanosecond lasers [also known as Q-switch nd:yag lasers] which rely on heat to stimulate ink removal, PicoSure™ uses pressure wave technology to blast the ink into small particles which are able to be picked up and be removed by your lymphatic system.

PicoSure™ provides visibly clearer ink-free skin faster, safer and with improved recovery time than traditional methods across a spectrum of colours using far less energy.

Typically, you will notice a significant difference after the first treatment. We expect to have removed without noticeable ghosting, most tattoos between four and six treatments. In the case of preparing the skin for a new tattoo we often have enough ink removed to allow application of the new tattoo after two to three treatments.

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