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For a long time we looked at the problem of producing better body definition singularly and one dimensionally. All body sculpting conducted in a gym setting concentrated on fitness and building muscle mass and all body sculpting in the medical field, concentrated singularly on the removal of fat. In the case of the later, the medical solutions, the idea was to strip away layers of fat to reveal more of the underlying muscle form and mass. Unfortunately there are limitations to the traditional medical based fat removal treatment options. They require expensive and painful surgical intervention (e.g. liposuction) or in relation to the non-surgical options, as an example, cooling based removal of fat, the process is somewhat painful and unpleasant. Neither the surgical or non-surgical options did anything towards improving muscle tone and mass. With the Emsculpt you are able to do both, improve muscle mass and tone, while at the same time removing fat. Targeting the muscles has the side effect of removing fat. It is in effect “hitting two birds with one stone”!

Electrical current from the electromagnetic field produced by the Emsculpt stimulates muscle contractions but does so with the benefit of much greater speed and pulse length (up to 20,000 pulses per 30 minute treatment period) and also much greater intensity than you can achieve naturally yourself. The contractions produced are referred to as “supramaximal”. These supramaximal contractions are produced with a fraction of the fatigue you would experience trying to achieve the same intensity in the gym. The electromagnetic field produced on contact with the body converts to current, (not unlike the current emitted by your own nervous system), and stimulates muscle contractions. In the case of the Emsculpt, it is able to produce and deliver more current to more muscle tissue than you can naturally produce yourself. Its more intense, able to penetrate deeper and wider to a larger number of muscles in a single location and mechanically it can be emitted in pulses that are far faster or longer than otherwise humanly possible. The tissue adapts to the intense treatment by increasing muscle fibre mass and in turn burning fat. Regardless of your general physical ability, with the Emscuplt, your abdomen can be contracted at levels close to that of an elite athlete. If you are an athlete it’s a form of cheating; if you aren’t an athlete, it’s a form of levelling the playing field.

High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic (HIFE) pulses emitted by Emsculpt and their benefits on fat, muscle and diastasis recti is proven medically and recognised by FDA approval. The studies on which the FDA approval is based showed the technology to be safe and effective. The HIFE fat removal mechanism, most likely, is electroporation. In simple terms electroporation is the destabilising of the fat cell membrane which in turn allows the absorption of the low weight fat cells by the body as part of the muscle hypertrophy (increasing the mass of muscle cells). The muscles eat the fat and turn the fat into muscle.

Price Schedule

  Treatment DurationSingle Treatment Package Treatment ( x 4 )
Abdomen 30 Mins $400 $1,200 (Average of $300 per treatment)
Glute 30 Mins (2 x 15 mins) $400 $1,200 (Average of $300 per treatment)
Abdomen Buddy (simultaneous dual treatments) $700 / $350 per person $2,000 (Average of $250 per treatment per person)

Nb, treatment price is inclusive of GST and the duration shown is the actual time on the Emsculpt. Clients are required to arrive 10mins prior to each treatment. New patients are required to arrive 25mins prior to treatment to allow them time to complete a medical history, consent form and also have a medical consultation.


  1. Am I a suitable client?
    Emsculpt is suitable for most adults who are of average health with no significant medical concerns. It’s generally applicable as a treatment option for the great majority of our population other than the very old and young. It will have less benefit for certain portions of our population for example the very skinny and is therefore less suitable for these fringe portions of our population. Prior to treatment you will need to complete our medical history, consent form and have a medical consultation.

  2. What benefit can I expect?
    If you look at completing the recommended treatment schedule, the scientific reporting shows a noticeable improvement in tone post the first treatment and more significant improvement after completion of the standard course of treatments (four treatments performed over two weeks). Clinical trials showed a 20% reduction in fat and 10% improvement in muscle mass on average. The benefit you derive will depend on your level of fitness, fat percentages, age, circulatory system, general health and background. Natural variations like with any treatment will occur.
    At the present time the applicators available can only treat the abdomen, your glutes (bottom), the upper arms (tricep and bicep), inner thigh and calves. Fat muscle found in other areas of the body cannot be treated.

  3. What does the treatment involve?
    Post consultation the treatment is relatively straight forward. You lie on a bed and the Emcsulpt paddle is placed on the skin of the area of treatment and attached with straps. An appropriate setting to suit your circumstances is selected and your treatment commences. The patient experiences strong muscular contractions along with the equivalent of “exercise muscular pain” that is rated between a 1-4 out of 10 (def’n of pain being, strong exercise muscle discomfort as opposed to injury pain). The contractions are held for a number of seconds and or rapid pulse tapping in form and duration. Post treatment you will have no or little sweating and will be able to return to your normal routine. For a period (up to a number of days) and from immediately post treatment you will experience muscle fatigue similar to what you would feel post strenuous exercise.

  4. Is there any pain?
    The treatment can be a little uncomfortable (also see comments at “What does the treatment involve”) but is not painful. We are able to manage discomfort by adjusting the power settings. As patients become used to the procedure they tend to ask for and are able to tolerate higher settings with less discomfort and concern.

  5. What are the pre and post treatment requirements?
    Pre-treatment the principal requirement is that you have not recently (within a day) completed strenuous exercise. You need to be free of soreness or weakness from strenuous exercise when you arrive for your treatment. The skin of the treatment area does not need to be free of hair but we do ask that you have the treatment area clean upon your arrival at our clinic.
    Post treatment we advise clients to go about their life routine. Participating in very strenuous exercise or sport within 24 hours of treatment is probably not advisable and weakness in the treatment area could increase the risk of injury / serious injury.

  6. When will I see results?
    You will feel and see tangible results immediately after your treatment. The majority of the improved muscle tone and reduction in fat is visible at the six to eight weeks mark post treatment. There will be continued improvement after eight weeks but the benefits derived and therefore the difference you will see, will be much more marginal and harder to notice.

  7. Is Emsculpt safe?
    Emsculpt treatments have been FDA approved and clinically tested and subject to peer review for safety and efficacy in several independent US based studies using the most reputable scientific methods and a number of different testing methodologies including magnetic resonance imaging MRI, cat scan CT, traditional measurement, and ultrasound. The study conclusions are that it is both safe and effective.